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Danish language qualifications

All bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Copenhagen are taught in Danish. This is why all applicants with international and foreign examinations need to fulfil Danish language qualifications, which means have academic language skills in Danish.

Please note that the specific admission requirement about Danish A (mother tongue at the highest level) for all the programmes is not the same as the Danish language qualifications.

As the teaching language at the University of Copenhagen is Danish, Danish A is a part of specific admission requirements for all the programmes. All pupils in the Danish gymnasium (upper secondary school education) have Danish A. For applicants with international or foreign exams, Danish A can normally be substituted with your own mother tongue at the highest level. Mother tongue tuition usually includes literature, language analysis and media analysis.

So normally you need to both have Danish A, which means your own mother tongue at the highest level, and Danish language qualifications, which means you need to be able to use Danish at an academic level. You need to be able to write, read, listen to and speak Danish at the highest level.

You can obtain Danish language qualifications in the following ways:

  • Pass Studieprøven i dansk
  • Pass supplementary course (in Danish only) in Danish A 
  • Document that you have Danish language qualifications at the highest level (for example if you have studied Danish at a university for several years)
  • Apply for an exemption (dispensation) (in Danish only) if you have grown up in a Danish speaking home, attended a Danish primary school and have obtained Primary School Leaving Certificate (you need to enclose documentation for it). In such a case you need to write an application for an exemption (dispensationsansøgning) where you describe and document your qualifications in Danish.

Please note that you always have to document your language qualifications with a certificate.

Students from the Nordic countries with Danish, Norwegian or Swedish included in their upper secondary school education are not required to pass a Danish language test. However, a course in Danish for Scandinavians at Studieskolen may be helpful.

If you have International Baccalaureate or European Baccalaureate, please see the information here.

Studieprøven i dansk

You can obtain Danish language qualifications by passing the 'Studieprøven i dansk som andetsprog ', which is a nationally recognised test for foreign language speakers administered by numerous language schools in Denmark, for example Studieskolen.

The test consists of an oral examination, listening, reading and a written examination and must be passed with at least grade 2 in each of all the 4 examination disciplines. Please note that for Medicine, Dentistry and Dental Hygienist you must pass Studieprøven with at least grade 7 in each of all the 4 examination disciplines.

Studieprøven is held twice a year in May/June and November/December. You need to submit the certificate before 5th July. The latest test for students applying for university enrolment in September is therefore the one held in May/June.

The Danish Test 3 (Danskprøve 3) which is at a higher level than Studieprøven and is only offered by Studieskolen, is required for Rhetoric. Please note, that the Danish Test 3 (Danskprøve 3) is not the same as Prøven i Dansk 3. Prøven i Dansk 3 is at a lower level than Studieprøven and cannot be used as a substitute for Studieprøven and for university enrolment.