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Mentor Programme

To help you get a good start, the University of Copenhagen has a well-organised mentor network.

What is a Mentor?

A mentor is not an academic tutor, but a student who, on a voluntary basis, helps you settle in during the first days of your stay in Denmark. Your mentor will typically study the same subject as you or attend the same Faculty. Some faculties have groups where mentors help international students. In general, the mentors will help you with practical matters such as registration with the Danish authorities, advise you on where to shop and introduce you to the university premises. The extent of your relationship beyond this depends on how well you get along. 

You must indicate in your application for admission that you would like to be assigned a mentor. It is the local mentor coordinator at the departments who is in charge of the mentor coordination.

If you have checked that you want a mentor then you will be contacted by the mentor programme under which you are assigned. Please note that if you under the Faculty of Science then you will have to fill out a new mentor form. You will receive an e-mail about it.

Mentor Networks and Groups

During the semester, the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) and local mentor groups at the University organise social events for international students. The events give you an opportunity to socialise with both Danish and other international students.