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Admission and application

In general, admission to a Master’s programme – whether it is taught in English, Danish or in the target language – requires successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent to a Danish Bachelor’s degree in level and contents. University of Copenhagen welcomes applications from students of all nationalities.

Applicants who have not completed a programme that qualifies for direct admission, but whose qualifications are deemed by the faculty to be of an equivalent nature, may also seek admission. The faculty may require the applicant to take supplementary tests before admission.

For some of the programmes, admission is highly competitive and the minimum qualifications will not ensure acceptance.

The admission requirements and procedures for the specific Master's Programmes are described in the presentation of the individual programmes.

You must inform us about any subjects you have passed at the Master’s level

According to Danish legislation, you must report – and apply for credit transfer for – all parts of incomplete Master’s programmes that you have passed when you apply for admission to a Master’s programme.

If you have previously passed subjects or courses at the Master’s level, you must inform us about them in your application on the online application portal. You must also upload documentation for the subjects and courses at the Master’s level you have passed. 

Read about how to apply for credit transfer in the User Guide for Online Application.

Maximum of three applications for programmes starting at the same time

You can apply for a maximum of three Master’s programmes that start at the same time. Any programmes given lower than third priority will be annulled in the application system.

Apply online

If you wish to apply for admission to a Master's Programme, you need to apply using the online application portal. Read more on how to create an application on the online application portal.

Each Master's Programme has its own deadlines, admission requirements and regulations for the exact documentation which needs to be provided along with the application. Before you submit your application, please review the website for the programme you wish to apply for.

Application Deadlines

Enrolment takes place once or twice a year depending on the Master's programme. Deadlines may vary among the different programmes and depending on your nationality. Please consult the individual programme description for information about deadlines for the programme you are interested in.