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Credit transfer

As the final question in the section Requirements and prerequisites, you will normally be asked if you have already passed any courses or exams as part of an unfinished Master's Programme. If you answer Yes, a new field will open where you are asked to upload transcripts or other documentation for the exams or courses you have taken.

The reason for this question is a Danish legal requirement that all applicants are required to apply for credit transfer from prior unfinished education at the same level when applying for an educational programme at a Danish university.

When should I answer Yes, and what should I upload?

If you have previously passed any courses or exams at Master's level, you have documentation of the course credit you achieved for these, and they were part of a Master's Programme that you never completed, then you must answer Yes to the above question.

You must then upload the relevant documentation for the results you achieved, which will usually be in the form of a transcript or diploma. Please also enclose course descriptions of the documented courses, so that your results can be accurately assessed.

You are required to note and document all previously completed exams and courses at Master's level from an unfinished Master's Programme, and by doing so, apply for credit transfer for your accumulated course credits.

Applying for credit transfer means that you are requesting that the previous course credits you have taken can be used to replace some of the course credits you are required to take for the Master's programme to which you are applying, which would mean that you need to take fewer classes as part of the new programme and would thus be able to complete the degree faster.

If you have not completed any courses or exams as part of an unfinished Master's Programme before, you can answer No to this question and proceed to submit the application.

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