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Attachments and Documentation

EU, EEA or Swiss citizens

Please upload the following attachments and documentation with your application. We need this information to evaluate whether you are qualified for admission to the Master’s programme.

Several attachments are mandatory. If you do not have all of the necessary documentation listed below at the time of submitting the application form, you must write a note indicating when you expect to have the documentation available and upload that in place of the attachment. This is the only way you can submit the application without a relevant document.

Full disclosure
If you have completed any courses or exams as part of an unfinished Master’s programme, Danish legislation requires that you inform us of this in your application and upload documentation of these results. We will use this information to evaluate whether you are eligible for a credit transfer.

Verification of information
The University has the right to verify any information you submit as part of your application. If we determine you have used falsified or misleading documentation in your application, the application will be rejected and the matter will be handed over to the legal authorities.

Attachments Required

Application Portal

Copy or scan of official diploma and transcript of results from a completed Bachelor's degree or official transcript of results from the Bachelor's programme you are currently enrolled in.

If the diploma/transcript is in a language other than English or a Scandinavian language, please include an official English translation. An official translation must carry the stamp and signature of your university/educational institution. If your university/educational institution cannot provide you with an official translation, the translation must be carried out by an authorized translator, who stamps and signs the document.

Please note that if you are admitted and accept a place on a programme, you are required to send or hand in a certified paper copy of your diploma or a certified statement from your university stating that you have completed your bachelor's degree. The deadline by which we must receive this document is on 20 September. If you fail to hand in this documentation, your admission will be cancelled.

The statement must include your name, your date of birth, the title of your degree and the date of completion. By certified we mean that the diploma or statement must carry an official stamp or signature from your university. In other words, a scanned copy is not sufficient. If you choose to send the documentation by regular mail, please use this adress:

SCIENCE International Affairs and MSc Admissions
Bülowsvej 17
DK-1870 Frederiksberg C

Completed academic degrees


In-progress academic degrees

Overview of courses that you are currently enrolled in and that you expect to pass before the start of the Master’s programme.

Additional documentation

Course descriptions of courses undertaken in your Bachelor degree relevant to the programme you are applying for.

These can be in the form of photocopies from your university's academic handbook/course lists or print-outs from the university's website. They should describe what was required of you to complete the courses, what was studied and hours of study of each course.

These course descriptions allow us to understand exactly what you have studied in your prior degree, and help us to determine whether you meet the requirements and are eligible for the MSc degree.

If your university/educational institute does not offer course descriptions, we accept course descriptions written and/or translated by yourself. Please be sure to include all topics covered in the courses, credits of the courses/hours of lectures and literature used in connection with the courses.

Additional documentation

Self-assessment where you list the courses from your bachelor's degree that cover the specific admission requirements of the programme that you are applying for. Please remember to include already completed courses as well as courses that you will complete up until study start.

If your university does not use the ECTS credit system, please include an overview of your credit system and how it corresponds to the ECTS credit system. In the ECTS credit system 60 ECTS credits corresponds to one year of full time studies. Your application must document how many credits form one year of full time studies in the credit system of your prior university/educational institution and the duration of the study programme you have completed or are in the process of completing.

See an example of a self-assesment here.

Additional documentation

An updated version of your C.V. (curriculum vitae)/résumé including a chronological overview of your academic history (a photo is not necessary). Additional documentation

Copy or scan of official transcripts/diplomas for all completed courses/exams from previous unfinished Master’s Programmes.

A copy or scan of your passport. Should you have more than one passport (citizenship) please copy the passport which you will use to travel to Denmark. NB: You must use your EU/EEA passport should you wish to be given a tuition fee waiver.

We also accept a copy of an official national id document or id card in English as long as this document/card includes photo, gender, nationality, birth date and your full name.

Proof of English language proficiency (not applicable to native English speakers)

1) Acceptable TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge English exam results


2) Proof that English was the language of instruction in your prior full university/college programme. See more information on the language requirements.

If you have not yet completed a language test by the application deadline, you are required to send us your test score as soon as possible and in no case later than 1 June. If you fail to prove your language proficiency before this deadline, your admission will be cancelled.