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Have you received a conditional letter of acceptance for an MSc programme at Faculty of Science?

We have gathered all necessary information from now until your final admission on this site.

When your final admission is completed you will get access to the study start website for your MSc programme. This site contains all you need to know about your study start.

See the admission process timeline from application to study start.

Pay your Tuition Fees

To get your final admission to your MSc programme as a non-EU citizen you need to pay the first part of your tuition fees.

The deadline for paying the first tuition fee installment is 12 April 2017. When you accept the offer of admission to your MSc programme at SCIENCE, you will receive an e-mail with all relevant information regarding your tuition fees.

Payment deadlines

  • The payment deadline for the 1st semester: 12 April 2017
  • The payment deadline for the 2nd semester: 15 January 2018
  • The payment deadline for the 3rd semester: 15 August 2018
  • The payment deadline for the 4th semester: 15 January 2019

Remember your Documentation

When you have been offered conditional admission to an MSc programme at SCIENCE, we need some documentation from you to be able to fully admit you.

Please note that if you are a non-EU citizen, we cannot start the visa process for you, until we have received all required documents from you.

Your deadline for handing in the proof of your English Proficiency is 1 June 2017. Read more about our laguage requirements.

Furthermore you have to hand in a certified copy of your diploma by 20 September 2017. A certified diploma is a copy of your diploma which carries an original stamp and signature from your previous university. A scanned version is therefore not sufficient.

We can receive your certified diploma either by:

  • regular mail send to this address:

MSc Admissions
Faculty of Science
Bulowsvej 17
1870 Frederiksberg C

  • having your previous university email us a statement that you have completed your bachelor’s degree at their institution. The email must be sent from an official university administration email account to

    This statement must include:
    • your full name
    • date of birth
    • title of your degree
    • date of completion of your degree

Get a student visa to Denmark

As a non-EU citizen you are required to obtain a visa in order to be a student in Denmark.

When you have paid your tuition fee (or received your governmental scholarship from the University of Copenhagen) and handed in all required documents, we will help you start the visa process.

Submit your visa application

The visa application consists of 2 parts.

The admission office fills out one part (part 2) of the student visa application.

Afterwards you receive the application by email from us. We also send you a confirmation of your tuition fee payment (if you are a fee-paying student).

Once you have received this email from us you can complete and sign part 1 of the application, attach the required documentation and submit the entire application to the Danish representation (Embassy or consulate) in your home country.

Attach 4 important documents to your visa application

  • Letter of admission
  • Receipt for tuition fee payment for the first semester (if you are a fee-paying student). We will send you the receipt after we have received your payment
  • Copy of passport (all pages including the front page)
  • Documentation that you can support yourself financially while in Denmark (e.g. a bank statement in your own name or documentation for a grant or scholarship)

Please note that it may take up to 3 months to get a visa

Therefore, it is very important that you start the visa process as soon as you receive the visa application form from us.

Read more about the visa process.

Find Housing in Copenhagen

Finding housing in Copenhagen can be quite difficult. Furthermore the monthly rent and living expenses in Denmark and especially Copenhagen are rather high compared to other countries.

As an international student you can indicate in your application for the MSc programme that you wish to get help finding housing in Copenhagen. This will ensure you an invitation to the Housing Foundation database. You will receive the invitation in late June.

The Housing Foundation helps international students find housing in Copenhagen. The database contains available housing offers in the Copenhagen area.

Besides the Housing Foundation it can be a good idea to search for accommodation on your own as soon as you receive your letter of admission. Please visit the Housing Foundation website for more information on finding housing on your own.

Please note that this offer unfortunately does not apply for citizens from the Nordic countries

Register for courses

You register for courses yourself after the admission to your MSc programme. The course registration for your first semester (block 1 and 2) runs from 1-13 June 2017

The courses you choose must correspond to the content of your programme and your specialization.

You will receive more information about your course registration on your study start website when you have accepted your admission.

Join our Web Meetings

Our web meetings are digital meetings, where you meet representatives from SCIENCE who can help you on with the next steps in the admission process such as course registration, housing, visa and documentation. You can ask questions through a chat, which we will answer during the meeting.

Learn more about our web meetings and join one or more of them here.

Join our International Student Mentor Program

As a new international student you are invited to join our International Student Mentor Programme (ISMP).

The International Student Mentor Programme is a volunteer-based student support programme designed to provide assistance to incoming international students. The purpose of the programme is to make you feel welcome and safe when you arrive in Copenhagen, and to help you better adapt to your new environment.

As a mentee you become part of a mentor-mentee group consisting of 2-3 mentors and 6-7 mentees. The mentors are all experienced students at SCIENCE. They offer airport pick-up’s and help with other practical matters during the first weeks following your arrival, e.g. helping you find your way around town, providing advice on where to shop for groceries andbuying a bike.

The programme is also a platform for social events and cultural exchange, and the mentors organize various activities throughout the semester like day trips, dinner parties, etc.

The mentor programme is a volunteer organisationand we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned a mentor. Also, please consider that the mentors are all students like you with busy study programmes, jobs, etc. Therefore, we ask that you respect that there can be times when your mentors will not be available to assist you.

If you are interested in joining the ISMP you must apply through the full information site that launches in mid-May.

Participate in the Welcome Programmes in August

As a new student at the Faculty of Science you are invited to join our Welcome Programme in August right before the semester commences. The Welcome Programme will provide you with all the practical information and tools that you need for a successful study start at the Faculty of Science.

Your Welcome Programme consists of three parts:

24-25 and 28-29 August: Introduction for new international students

You will learn about living in Denmark and Copenhagen and about Danish culture and academia. You will also be informed about the various practical matters that you need to get in order. This part of the programme is only relevant for international students.

30 August: General introduction for all new MSc students at the Faculty of Science

You will learn about all the study rules and regulations that you need to be aware of and where you can find information and get help from Student Services. The student IT-service will be present to help you connect to the free student WIFI.

31 August and/or 1 September: Introduction to your MSc programme

This part of the programme takes place at the department that hosts your MSc programme. You will learn more about your study programme, the department and its activities. This part is also an opportunity to meet fellow students from your field of studies.

Participation in the Welcome Programme is free of charge, but registration is required. You will be able to register via your Study Start website from mid-May.

There may be additional brush-up events in August offered by your specific MSc programme. Information about these events will also be available from your Study Start website from May.