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To apply for re-admission to a MSc programme you are required to have passed at least 60 ECTS credits of the programme's current curriculum. If you have not passed at least 60 ECTS credits you must apply for admission - not re-admission. If you are in doubt about whether you have passed at least 60 ECTS credits or not, you should apply for re-admission, not admission.

Re-admission is only possible if there are free places on the programme you are applying for re-admission to. If you apply for re-admission with a commencement date within 13 months of your date of withdrawal from the MSc programme, you will be admitted regardless of the normal capacity of the MSc programme.

If you are re-admitted, you will commence your studies on 1 September.

If you yourself have withdrawn from the programme for which you want a re-admission there must be a minimum of 5 months between your withdrawal date and 1 September.

If you have completed any courses or exams as part of an unfinished Master's programme, Danish legislation requires that you inform us of this in your application and upload documentation of these results. We will use this information to evaluate whether you are eligible for credit transfer.

Apply for re-admission here

You can apply for re-admission between 1 February and 1 April.

You will receive an answer by 1 June at the latest.

If you cannot find the programme you to which you were previously admitted in the application system, please contact SCIENCE Student Services well in advance of 1 April.

You will always be re-admitted to the latest curriculum and your application is assessed towards the admission requirements of the newest curriculum. There may therefore be other courses for you to attend upon re-admission than the ones you had yet to complete before your withdraval.

Have you used your examination attempts or have your maximum duration of studies expired?

  • If you have used your 3 examination attempts in compulsory courses, you can  only be readmitted if you are granted an exemption for an additional attempt.
  • If you did not meet the requirement for maximum duration of studies at the time of your withdrawal, you may only be readmitted if you are granted an exemption for this requirement.

You apply for exemption(s) by filling this pdf form and attaching it to your application for re-admission.

If you are applying for an exemption because of illness or any other reason that you are able to document, you must remember to attach documentation with your application.

Am I bound to courses I have been registered for, but did not pass, when I was previously enrolled on the programme, if I am re-admitted?

Yes, you must complete those courses you have previously been registered for, but did not pass, if you are re-admitted. In some cases a programme has changed to a degree where it is no longer possible to take those courses according to the current curriculum for the programme. In this case, you are no longer bound to those courses.

Who Can I Contact?

If you have any questions you are very welcome to contact SCIENCE Student Services.