Master of Science (MSc) in Geology-Geoscience – University of Copenhagen

Master in Geology-Geoscience at the University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Geology-Geoscience

Geology is the science of the origins, composition and evolution of the Earth over 5 billion years, and the processes that change the Earth and form the foundation for our existence.

The programme is offered in English.

As a graduate student in geology and geoscience, you will combine geological science with new knowledge and new methods within areas such as biology, physics, chemistry, nanotechnology, ecology, climatology and archaeology to build a holistic picture of the Earth's structure and evolution, providing you with an overview of our natural conditions of life.

"... most of the classes in my course consist of small groups, so you will get to know your fellow students well from day one ...

Ben Townend, MSc student, Geology-Geoscience

An MSc degree in Geology and Geoscience gives you a wide variety of job opportunities in Denmark and beyond. Internationally, geologists may find employment within environmental development, as consultants in the oil and mining industries or at research institutions and universities.

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