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Admission Requirements

If you have completed a Bachelor’s degree within the last 5 years or if you are enrolled in the final semester of a Bachelor’s programme, you are eligible to apply for the Master’s programme in Medicinal Chemistry. 

Regardless of what university you are enrolled at, you can - if you meet the admission and language requirements - apply on the basis of a relevant Bachelor’s degree.

Bachelor’s degree that grant direct access?

There are no Bachelor's degrees that grant direct access to the MSc in Medicinal Chemistry.

Directly qualifying Bachelor’s degree (specified Danish Bachelor's degree)

If you hold the following Bachelor's degree, you are considered to meet all admission requirements and you are directly qualified to apply to the MSc in Medicinal Chemistry:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry with a specialisation in Medicinal Chemistry (kemi med specialisering i medicinalkemi) from University of Copenhagen.

Learn about when and how to apply.

Other Bachelor's Degrees

To be admitted to the programme you must have completed a Bachelor's degree in chemistry, medicinal chemistry or pharmacy and have accumulated credits in chemical and biological disciplines.

Academic, language and graduation year requirements

  • Academic requirements: In your Bachelor's degree you must have accumulated
    • at least 80 ECTS credits on chemistry courses in the fields of organic chemistry and physical chemistry with the emphasis on theoretical and experimental chemistry courses.
    • at least 30 ECTS credits from biology courses in the fields of biochemistry, molecular biology , physiology and pharmacology, of which at least 5 ECTS credits must come from within general pharmacology.
  • Language requirements: You are required to document proficiency in English according to your background; see the language requirements.
  • Graduation year requirement: You must have earned your Bachelor’s degree within a maximum of 5 years prior to the start of the first semester of the Master’s programme, e.g. for the intake of 2018, you must have graduated by September 2013 or thereafter.

Admission restrictions and selection criteria

  • The programme accepts a maximum of 50 students.
  • When selecting 50 among all the qualified students, the Board of Admission focuses on overall academic achievements (grades, the relevancy of the degree and courses), CV (research experience, professionally relevant stays abroad), as well as the letter of motivation; see the application procedure.
  • According to the Danish University Programme Order, applicants who have already completed a Danish Master’s degree (2-year) can only be admitted 6 years after finishing the Master’s degree. Applicants with a non-Danish Master’s degree can be admitted to this MSc programme on the same terms as other applicants. Please note that admission requirement is based solely upon an applicant’s Bachelor’s degree.

Learn about when and how to apply.