Danish language qualifications

All bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Copenhagen are taught in Danish. Consequently, you must be able to understand Danish and communicate in Danish in an academic context. There are two distinct definitions worth knowing:

  1. Danish language qualifications: the ability to write, read, listen to and speak Danish at the highest level.
  2. Danish A: native language taught at the highest level (which can be substituted with your own native language taught at the highest level).

In most cases, you need both; Danish language qualifications and Danish A (equivalent to your native language).

Danish A is a part of the specific admission requirements for all programmes. Pupils in the Danish gymnasium (upper secondary school education) have Danish A as an obligatory course in their curriculum. If you have an international or foreign exam, your own native language (at the highest level, documented) can normally substitute Danish A. Native language tuition usually includes analyses of literature, language and media.