Preliminary assessment

Application period for preliminary assessment for admission in 2024: 4th of September – 25th of October 2023

If you want to apply for admission to next year, KU offers a preliminary assessment if your exam is not Danish. A preliminary assessment is an evaluation of whether your exam qualifies you for admission, and whether you meet the admission requirements for the degree programme(s) for which you want to apply. 

If you do not meet the admission requirements we will in the assessment tell you what you are lacking in order to become eligible to apply for admission.

Please note that all bachelor's degree programmes at UCPH are taught in Danish and requires advanced Danish language qualifications prior to admission. 

What you should do to receive a preliminary assessment

  • Fill in the application form for preliminary assessment
  • Upload the relevant documentation directly in the form (the application form will be available from the 4th of September to the 25th of October).


  • Your upper-secondary school diploma*, which must be completed at the time of the preliminary assessment.
  • proof of single subjects passed if you have taken supplementary courses
  • proof of courses passed in higher education programmes
  • proof of your Danish language skills if you did not pass Danish, Norwegian or Swedish in your qualifying exam.

* You must upload a copy of your original diploma(s) with your school's stamp and signature, as well as a certified translation if your diploma is not in one of the Nordic languages, German, French or English.

We do not accept electronic diplomas from exam databases. If you have lost your original diploma or if your school cannot give you other than a protocol transcript, the school must then sign and stamp it in order for UCPH to approve the documentation.

Keep the documentation for preliminary assessment ready before starting

Your data will disappear from the application form after 10 minutes if there is no activity. Therefore it is a good idea to have your documentation ready for upload before you start filling in the application form.

You will receive a preliminary assessment within eight weeks

We will send you our preliminary assessment within eight weeks after we have received the correct documentation. 

The preliminary assessment is not a guarantee of admission. We assess whether you can apply for admission on an equal footing with other applicants, and inform you of  levels you may need as supplement in order to apply for admission.

The assessment only applies to the 2024 admission. Please be informed that the executive order from the ministry might change from the time you have received the preliminary assessment until applying for admission.
Remember to upload your preliminary assessment when you create your application for admission at