New quota 2 from 2020

Starting in 2020, you need to participate in a test in order to apply for admission to a bachelor's degree programme in quota 2.

Apply for admission in quota 2 if:

  • your degree does not qualify for quota 1
  • you are uncertain of your grade point average is high enough to be admitted in quota 1.

When you apply in quota 2, you need to attend a test and an oral or written interview.

The remaining admission requirements are still in effect – among other things it is necessary to document that you have academic language skills in Danish. However, a grade point average of at least 6.0 is not required in order to participate in the test; the results will demonstrate if you qualifications are similar to 6.0 or more.


Application deadline: 15 March 2020

Do you have a foreign or international qualifying degree? If so, you need to submit your application before 15 March, 12 Midday CET for enrolment 1 September – regardless of your nationality.

Deadline for signing up to the quota 2-test

When the university has received your application, we will contact you by e-mail and explain how you sign up for the quota 2-test. You can sign up for the test between 25. March and 1. April at 12.00 am.

The test will take place at the Eksamination House of University of Copenhagen in Copenhagen. For security reasons, it is only possible to participate at this location.

When and how to attend the tests

The quota 2 test followed by a written interview will take place on 24.-26. April and 1.-3. May in Copenhagen.

Following three programs do not have written interviews, instead you will be invited to an panel interview in june if you pass the test:  Forestry and Landscape Engineer, Dental Practice, Animal Science.

Read more about the quota 2 test at the Danish website.