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New quota 2 from 2020

Starting in 2020, all quota 2 applicants for a bachelor’s degree programme at the University of Copenhagen need to participate in an admission test in order to apply for admission. This means that you have to be in Copenhagen to participate in the test. Furthermore, an entrance test will replace the current admission requirement of a specific grade point average.

The remaining admission requirements are still in effect, e.g. it is among other things necessary to document that you have academic language skills in Danish.

Admission test and entrance test

The new admission test will try out your student potential and your academic skills.

Furthermore, the new entrance test will be a part of your application to the University – and the test will replace the current quota 2 admission requirement of a grade point average equivalent to the Danish 6.0. You can either pass or fail the test.

Applicants who pass the entrance test and obtain a high score in the admission test will be prioritized by the Admissions Committee according to the following criteria:

  1. Student potential (how you are expected to perform as a student)
  2. Academic skills
  3. Academic motivation
  4. Knowledge of the BA programme
  5. Communicative skills
  6. Grades from the qualifying upper secondary/high school examination.

The admission test will be in force from February 1, 2020. This also applies to the entrance test, provided the University obtains permission to establish the test. If not, the 6.0 grade point average will continue to be an admission requirement in both quota 1 and 2.

When and how to attend the tests

Currently, the quota 2 test is being developed. The University expects to publish more information on the above-mentioned six criteria as well as time and place for the entrance test and the admission test in the spring of 2019.

Please note that the exam facilities will be accessible for applicants who are walking-impaired or who use a wheelchair.

Applicants with documented disabilities will be eligible to apply for special conditions when attending the test.