Students with disabilities

If you are enrolled in a bachelor's or master's degree programme at the University of Copenhagen – and suffer from a documented disability that requires special support in order for you to undertake your studies – you can apply for Special Educational Support (SPS).


If you have questions or wish to apply for special support, please contact the Functional Impairment Counsellors or book an interview.

The Functional Impairment Counsellors will ...
  • tell you what you need to know about Special Educational Support (SPS)
  • fill in your application form for Special Educational Support
  • help you understand the response to your application
  • provide repair service or replacement of your support
  • tell you all about extending aid if needed
  • apply for special educational support in case your needs has changed

Write to us

Please write from your KU mail.

Would you like a call?

If you would like us to call you, you can send an email to,  where you will give a telephone number and, if relevant, Student registration number.

Meet us

Book time for an interview, online on Zoom or over the phone and we will call you.

Drop-in on South Campus

You can also meet us at South Campus all Tuesdays at 9-12 pm.  You do not need to book an appointment, so you just pop up at the IT Support Centre, Karen Blixens Plads 8, ground floor on the main square, room 13A. 0.53.

We recommend that you also contact the faculty of the program you are applying for in order to discuss the conditions as a student with a disability.




The target group for Special Educational Support is broad and includes individuals with hearing and/or vision impairment; reading and writing impairment (dyslexia) as well as psychological, neurological, and physical disabilities. To receive Special Educational Support, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • You must be accepted into a bachelor's or master’s degree programme and be a citizen in EU/EEA/Switzerland
  • Your disability must be long-term or permanent
  • You must have formal documentation of your diagnosed disability (from a specialist physician, e.g.)
  • You must study actively, obtaining required ECTS.

Please contact the University’s SPS unit at if you do not fulfill the above-mentioned requirements. E.g. you are an exchange student, a PhD student or a citizen in a country outside the EU/EEA/Switzerland.



Please book an interview with one of our Functional Impairment Counsellors and follow the instructions at How to prepare for the interview. At the interview we will help you get an overview of your needs and opportunities for support.





















How to prepare for the interview

Before your interview, we recommend that you:

  • think about the specific challenges that you have in relation to your study programme.
  • find or obtain medical documentation for your functional impairment or diagnosis. You are welcome to send it before the interview. Please send it to (preferably in PDF format) from your UCPH email (secure email), as it is sensitive personal information.

Read more below about what information your medical documentation must contain, depending on the functional impairment you have. 

  • Medical documentation must contain your functional impairment(s), your full name and CPR number appear (preferably in PDF format).



  • Medical documentation must contain your functional impairment(s), your full name and CPR number appear (preferably in PDF format). Fx. documentation from your doctor medical specialist, hospital or e-Journal, where your diagnosis is stated.

    NB: A statement from a Psychologist is not enough, but must be supplemented by medical documentation.



  • Medical documentation must contain your functional impairment(s), your full name and CPR number appear (preferably in PDF format).



  • If you have previously been granted SPS on the basis of your dyslexia, you do not need to submit documentation for dyslexia. However, if you have not received SPS previously, you must send the ministry's dyslexic test or other documentation of dyslexia.

    The dyslexia test is an electronic test and is typically conducted by a reading supervisor at your previous place of study. 







To make an application for you, you are required to have medical documentation for your functional impairment. 

You can use documentation from if your name, CPR number and diagnosis are included.


After your interview

After your interview, your Functional Impairment Counsellor will send you the forms you need to complete. Your Functional Impairment Counsellor can only apply for funding on your behalf from the Danish Agency for Education and Quality once you have submitted forms and documentation to