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Exams and Credits

Types of Exams

At the University of Copenhagen students are assessed after taking one of the following types of examinations: paper, written examination, oral examination or active participation. In addition, some courses may require the successful completion of written, oral, or practical assignments during the semester.

Exam Registration

The faculties at the University of Copenhagen require that you register for exams. When you begin your studies, we recommend that you inquire about how and when to register for exams in the department(s) where you are studying. Note that the procedure and deadline may vary depending on the department. It is extremely important that you register correctly and in due time for exams as you will otherwise not be allowed to take the exam(s).

Please refer to our site about Registration for Courses and Exams


The European Credit Transfer System system defines a full study load for one year as 60 ECTS credits. The number of credits awarded for each bachelor and master level course varies depending on the workload. The online catalogue of courses offered in English gives details on the number of credits you earn for any particular course. Be aware that credits for courses are only awarded if you meet the course requirements. Studying is a full time job, and in addition to attending classes, you will be expected to spend much time doing your own research.

Number of ECTS-credits

Exchange students at the University of Copenhagen are expected to take on a full course load of 30 ECTS each semester. It can, however, be difficult to sign up for precisely 30 ECTS especially when taking courses across Faculties. Therefore the University of Copenhagen has approved a minimum and maximum range of 22.5 ECTS and 35 ECTS per semester. It is possible to seek an exception from this rule, if you have special circumstances such as a learning disability or need 40 ECTS to graduate. You must apply for a dispensation through the International Education & Grants office at INT-admission@adm.ku.dk.

It is the exchange student’s responsibility to get approval from their home university for the ECTS credits they earn at the University of Copenhagen.

Credit Transfer

To make sure that you are able to transfer the credits earned at the University of Copenhagen, it is important that your home institution approves your intended study programme. Your work is assessed according to the 7-point scale or by Pass/Fail. Pass grades cannot be changed to a numeric grade or vice versa. Contact the International Office at your home university for advice regarding your credit transfer.