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Learning Agreements for European Erasmus Students

Most partner universities require that students taking part in the Erasmus Programme hand in a Learning Agreement signed by both the home university and the University of Copenhagen.

At the University of Copenhagen, the Learning Agreement must be signed at either the department or faculty in charge of the Erasmus agreement. To identify the specific agreement, please see the first subject in either your online application or your letter of admission.

How to get your Learning Agreement signed:

• Send the document either electronically or in hard copy to the department or faculty in charge of the Erasmus agreement at the University of Copenhagen.

• Or go to the relevant department or faculty in charge of the Erasmus agreement at UCPH if you are already in Copenhagen.

• Do not send the document to International Education & Grants.

When you fill in your Learning Agreement you may need the information listed below.

Study Cycle

If you are a bachelor student please state ‘6’, master students state ‘7’ and PhD students state ‘8’.

Subject area code

Please refer to the ISCED 2013 subject field closest to the subject of the degree you are studying towards. Find more information here.

The Erasmus Coordinator from your home university have used the ISCED subject fields when nominating you in the UCPH online nomination system and can inform you of the correct subject area code.

Responsible person at UCPH

At UCPH the ‘responsible person’ will be at either the faculty or department in charge of the Erasmus agreement.

Here you will find contact information for the relevant faculties or departments.