Online Course Catalogue

The University of Copenhagen is divided into six faculties, which are subdivided into departments and research centres. The online course catalogue lists all courses available at the University of Copenhagen. The full list of courses will be available 2-3 months before the semester starts.

Download a simple guide to the course catalogue.

Access the online course catalogue - notice that not all courses are open to international visiting students.

Go to Course and exam information at each faculties to see course information from a specific faculty.

Preliminary course plan

Students are advised to look at the courses offered in English this semester or the previous semester in order to make a preliminary plan for their studies in Copenhagen.

In the online course catalogue you will find previous courses for the last two academic years.


Within certain fields, few or no courses are offered in English at bachelor's level. Some departments are willing to accept students in their last year of an undergraduate program at their home university into courses offered at master's level at the University of Copenhagen. Please note that in certain courses there are a limited number of spots for exchange and guest students.