Whether you have spent one semester, two years or perhaps longer, there are a few things you should remember doing before you leave Denmark.

Notify the Danish citizen service before you leave Denmark

If you have a Danish CPR number or have registered your address in Denmark, you should inform the relevant Danish citizen service about your departure. It is important that you notify them before you leave as you otherwise risk being fined of DKK 1,000.

When should I report that I’m leaving Denmark?

  • You can report your date of departure as early as four weeks (28 days) before leaving Denmark. Please note that you should report your departure before leaving.

Who should I contact?

You must contact the citizen service in the municipality where you have lived and inform them that you are leaving. You can find their contact information here:

Remember to destroy (cut up) your yellow health insurance card when leaving Denmark.

Leaving Denmark after your studies

Paperwork when leaving Denmark after your studies

If you are an exchange student, you should ask your home university and the international coordinator at your department or faculty what you need to do before your departure. Please note that Erasmus+ students must ensure that their learning agreement and similar documents are signed at department or faculty level.

Housing departure procedure

If you have entered into a contract with the Housing Foundation, please visit their website housingfoundation.ku.dk for information about the departure procedure.