Profile and Career

You should pursue an MSc in Actuarial Mathematics if you enjoy working with numbers. You will, among other things, be engaged in addressing various types of damage insurance, life insurance, insurance economics, insurance accounting and insurance law. The degree embodies a combination of numbers, law and human welfare.

A large majority of people in modern society have a pension or insurance policy that secures their everyday life and welfare into and through retirement. Actuarial Mathematics is an indispensable field of study with regards to modern society, where a secure future cannot be taken for granted.

Competence Description

A graduate in Actuarial Mathemathics has the competences required to:

  • Structure an inquiry into open actuarial mathematical issues, regarding both personal and general insurance mathematics.
  • Further develop and adapt probabilistic and statistical models for real life challenges.
  • Conduct independent, stringent argumentation
  • Independently take responsibility for his or hers own professional development and specialisation.

Career Opportunities

As an actuarial mathematician you could be hired to work for:

  • insurance companies
  • banks
  • other types of financial institutions
  • consultancy firms.

Your work will be to solve statistical problems and deal with risk theory in relation to various types of insurance. Additionally, you can gain employment in public administration or within higher education.

The field is experiencing robust growth, in part due to the development of a rich theory of mathematical finance and also as a response to the reorientation that practical insurance is experiencing due to, for instance, the integration of banking, credit and insurance activities. Further reorientation of the actuarial profession has developed as a result of changes to and interpretations of the risk landscape in which catastrophe, including climate change, is becoming a more and more prominent concern. The future looks bright for you should you choose to pursue the MSc in Actuarial Mathematics.

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