Application Procedure

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Before you apply to the Master's degree programme in African Studies, please make sure to acquaint yourself with all the important information on the application procedure, application deadlines and details about how to apply.

Prioritisation of applicants

The programme accepts a maximum of 44 students in 2018 and 30 students in 2019 and 2020. The 2020 intake number is due to restriction of international students intake by the ministry. 

Selection criteria

If more applicants than the maximum intake fulfill the admission requirements, a selection will be made on the basis of a comprehensive evaluation, with emphasis on the following criteria:

  • General proficiency/grades in the qualifying degree programme.
  • Grades achieved in subjects especially relevant to the applied programme.
  • Relevant academic experience with Africa.
  • Academic qualifications which relate to the disciplines that makes up the applied programme.
  • Statement of how your academic profile fits the programme, outline of your academic knowledge of Africa, a description of the intended Master’s thesis work, and your motivation for applying.

Limitation on second degrees

If you have already completed a Danish Master's degree, please check out the rules concerning a second degree.