Interviews and film

Internship in Uganda
Chipo Marisa Petersen did an internship at an NGO in Uganda and gained good insight into climate adaption strategies, general NGO-work and the large agricultural sector in Uganda.

Fieldwork experience in Tanzania
Pernille Berændtsen is a journalist and enrolled in the MA programme in African Studies. She did her third semester as field work in Tanzania.

Student interview
Jacob Holmsgaard is 27 years old and enrolled in the MA programme in African Studies.

Graduate interview: From African Studies to global medical trade

Rutger Kremers puts his skills gained as an African Studies graduate to good use when he trades healthcare equipment and pharmaceuticals as a Procurement Officer in a Copenhagen-based trading company.

Career interview: Project-based module lead to embassy job

Tord Halvorsen had a trainee position at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Uganda as a part of his project-based module in the third semester. This lead to a job offer at the Embassy where he is currently working.

Graduate profile
Joanna Woods is a graduate from the Centre of African Studies and now lives and works in Malawi.

Lecturer interview
See also the interview with Associate Professor Karen Lauterbach on teaching in the international classroom