Project-based module - internship or fieldwork

Participation in an internship or fieldwork programme may replace a thematic seminar, and should take place in the 3rd semester. The internship or fieldwork programme must have direct relevance to African Studies and must therefore normally take place in Africa. However, internships or fieldwork programmes taking place outside Africa will be permitted if the assignments or the location of the fieldwork relates specifically to Africa.


The objective of the internship is to gain practical knowledge and experience in carrying out assignments and participating in activities that are relevant to the subject areas that make up African Studies. An internship may be part of the preparation for the MA thesis.


The objective of fieldwork is to gather material on a specific topic and to give the student experience in the research situation that is characteristic of fieldwork. The student must be able to apply common quantitative and qualitative fieldwork methods. Fieldwork may be part of the preparation for the MA thesis.