You can choose between the two specialisations listed below.

Plant Science specialisation

In the specialisation Plant Science you work with individual plants and plant products, from genes to traits, genetic resources, quality parameters and postharvest biology, plant functions in relation to agricultural and horticultural production and use of plants.

Central topics are physiological and molecular methods to improve plant performance, plant responses to internal and external growth factors, interaction of plants and other organisms, nutritional composition of food, feed, energy, high value crops and ornamental plants.

Production and Environment specialisation

If you choose the specialisation Production and Environment, you work with production systems, both in the field and in protected cultivation. Your focus is on economically efficient and environmentally sound management of soil, water and plants in these systems, aiming for reduction in the use of limited natural resources and the provision of ecological services. The major focus will be on agriculture in the European natural and regulatory context.

Central topics are nutrient resources, assessment of effects on environment and biodiversity and development of novel production systems. The impact of food production on environment and climate change is addressed.

Common for the two specialisations are topics like seed biology, weed biology and management, biological control of pests and diseases, plant nutrition, postharvest biology, green technologies, business economics. Also methods like life cycle assessment or applied plant biotechnology can be included, as well as tools like statistics, project management, communication and innovation.