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Student Life

As a student at the Department of Anthropology, you can participate in a great variety of student activities.

You can become involved in student politics as a member of the student’s council. You can be a part of the party planning committee or volunteer at the student-run breakfast cafe.

You can read books or watch movies of anthropological relevance in the anthropological book club and film club, respectively.

You can contribute to the student magazine as a writer or illustrator, or play music, act, build props or sew costumes in the annual AnthroShow.

You can get involved in the Ethnographic Exploratory (EE), a group of students and teachers who in collaboration makes extracurricular and experimental projects.

There are also several events for international students each semester. The events are arranged at different levels – some are for international students at the Department of Anthropology, some are for international students at the Faculty of Social Science and some are for all international students at the University of Copenhagen.

Finding Housing

The Department of Anthropology is unable to assist international full-degree students in finding accommodation.

You may, however, find housing on you own. In that case, you may wish to make use of some our tips on how to get started.