Qualifying degree

Admission to a Master’s programme requires at minimum successful completion of a relevant and recognised university degree equivalent in level and content to a Danish Bachelor’s degree.

Specific requirements in regards to the content of the Bachelor’s degree vary by programme. It may include specifications on accepted types of Bachelor’s degrees relevant for the programme (for example, a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology or Political Science), specific courses studied as part of the Bachelor’s degree (for example, the equivalent of 15 ECTS of Macroeconomics), grade point average, language tests, etc.

Generally, the University does not take supplementary courses into account when assessing entry qualifications for a Master’s programme. Supplementary courses means individual courses or subjects studied but not included in the Bachelor’s degree.

If you are in doubt about the rules or have questions about the master’s entry requirements, please contact the student guidance services for the Master’s programme you wish to apply for.