Collection of data

"Collection of data" is an option for you to automatically import your educational data from a Danish university into your application, so that you do not have to document your educational background with manually uploaded documentation.

Please note! The collection of data step is completely optional. If you do not have any Danish educational data, or cannot or do not wish to use this function, this step can be skipped completely with no effect on your application.

Data exchange takes place on the first page of the application form, and requires two steps to activate.

  1. Grant consent to the collection of data from a Danish university by marking its check box. The University of Copenhagen will automatically be selected, and you can select other universities by marking them.
  2. Activate the data exchange by clicking the button marked "Request information".

The status of the collection can be seen in the column marked "Time of collection". When the collection has not been activated, the text will say "Not downloaded". Once activated, the text will change to "Retrieving data".

The data exchange should take about 5-15 seconds to complete. The collection is complete once the status field has changed to the current date and time. If the data could not be collected, an error message will be shown. Once the collection is complete and successful, the data that has been collected can be seen on the subsequent page Requirements and prerequisites.

You can start the collection and then move on to a following page before the data retrieval is complete. The current status of the exchange will be displayed above the application form on subsequent pages.

If you have data to collect, but the data collection is not available for whatever reason, you can still complete and submit your application, you just need to manually upload documentation of your educational background.

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