Direct access and documentation

The term "direct access" is used to indicate what kinds of documentation you need to submit as attachments on the application form.

Most Master's Programmes at the University of Copenhagen are the direct continuation of a Bachelor's Degree at the University. Applicants who hold a Bachelor's Degree do not need to attach any additional documentation to the application when they apply to their directly connected Master's Programme. As an example, a Bachelor's Degree in Danish Studies from the University of Copenhagen gives you direct access to the Master's Programme in Danish Studies at the University of Copenhagen. You can find a list of which degrees grant direct access on the website of the relevant Master's Programme.

If you do not have direct access, this means that your application needs to be evaluated by the programme administration. For this purpose, you need to submit relevant supplementary information that this evaluation can be based on, and exactly what documents you need to submit is described on the programme website.

Programme of study

In the section Programme of study, you are able to upload documentation to support your application.

Commonly, the questions found here will include a statement of purpose (i.e. a personal letter of motivation), and questions about choice of campus and elective courses. Note that not all programmes have questions in this section, so for many applicants this tab will be missing entirely.

Requirements and prerequisites

The page named Requirements and prerequisites is where you upload documentation for your educational background, which is mandatory regardless of whether you have direct access or not.

At the start of the page are two fields labelled "" and "In-progress academic degrees". You only need to upload documentation to one of these, and the required documents are your university diploma or transcript of exam results.

If you have successfully completed a data exchange earlier in the application form, these fields will be filled in automatically with the collected data.

Further down on the page, you will find a series of questions depending on the programme to which you are applying. These questions will include requests for documentation in the form of a CV, language qualifications, and any additional documentation that the programme may require. You must make sure to familiarise yourself with the forms of documentation required by the programme before moving on from this section.

At the end, there will be a question about whether or not your qualifying degree is from a Danish institution. If it is not, we require some additional documentation in the form of credit system descriptions and course descriptions, either in English or in one of the Scandinavian languages. If you wish to submit these in a different language, you must first receive approval for this from the University.

Note on Application Fee: Applicants from outside the EU/EEC and Switzerland that do not have either permanent residence in Denmark or a Danish qualifying degree must pay an application fee, and if you belong to this category, you will be prompted with an obligatory field to upload your receipt of payment. Read more on the page

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