Login for KU applicants and other Danish applicants

Applicants with a Bachelor's Degree from a Danish university will typically be able to use either their existing university login or their NemID to log in to the online application portal.

Login with university access

Once you click the "Login" link on the welcome page, you will be taken to the list of WAYF login providers. Here, you can choose a university with which you already have a username and password, and click the name of that university. If you select the University of Copenhagen, for example, you will be taken to a KUnet login screen, where you can simply login using your KU username and password.

Important! If you are logging in from a public computer, it is crucial that you change the login setting from "This is a private computer" to "This is a public or shared computer". If you choose that you are on a private computer, there is a risk that the next person to use the public computer could log in to the portal with your details.

Login with NemID

The Danish public login service NemID is one of the login providers that you can use to log in to the online application portal. To use this service, however, you need to set up your NemID account so that it transfers an email address when you log in, as this is not set as default for NemID and this is required to use the online application portal.

•    Go to the NemID website www.nemid.nu.
•    Log into "Selvbetjening".
•    Check that you have a registered email address. See the right hand side of the screen.
•    Click "Certifikater" in the menu on the left.
•    Click "Rediger indstillinger".
•    Choose "Ja" at "Ønsker du e-mail i certifikatet?"
•    Write or confirm your email address.
•    Click "Gem ændringer".
•    To confirm the change, you have to provide a PIN-code, which will be emailed to the address you just provided. Note that the email may be classified as spam.
•    After you have entered the PIN-code and clicked "Bekræft", you will be asked to confirm the certificate settings once more.
•    You can now use NemID for WAYF-login.

Once you have followed the above instructions, you should be able to log in with NemID by choosing the login provider "NemID" on the list of institutions in WAYF.

Any way you choose to log in through WAYF, once you have successfully logged in, you will be presented with a green WAYF confirmation page, where you are asked to review and approve the details that are being transferred into the online application portal through your WAYF login. Once you have confirmed this, you will be taken into the application portal.

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