Start your application

Before you start your application, it is important to understand that the requirements for your application will vary depending on the programme to which you are applying. For this reason, you must make sure to read about and understand the admission requirements and required documentation for the application on the programme website. Find the pages for your programme of choice on the A-Z list of Master's Programmes at the University of Copenhagen.

Limit on applications

Please be aware that the University only accepts a maximum of three Master's Programme applications from each applicant for the same start date. Subsequent applications after the primary three will not be processed.


The online application portal can be accessed either through a direct link that is set to create a new application for a specific programme, or through an open link into the portal. It varies from programme to programme whether you will be using a direct link or an open link.

Either type of link requires you to log in through the WAYF system, where you can either use an existing login for a Danish university, use your NemID, or create your own user profile.

Direct links
When you have logged in through WAYF after following a direct link, you will be taken to a page where the programme you have chosen has already been selected for you. Your name and personal details will be presented at the top of the page. To start the application, click "Move on to creation of application".

Open links
If you follow an open link, you will be taken into the portal without a pre-selected programme. You start on a tab called See status of applications, which shows the applications you have already made. If you have not applied before, this list will be empty.

To make a new application, go to the tab called Create application. Your name, address and CPR will be registered at the top of the page. To find the programme you wish to apply for, first choose the relevant institution (University of Copenhagen), and then the type of programme, and then click "Search". Then select the programme you wish to apply for by clicking in the check box, and then click "Move on to creation of application".

Find and select the right programme

In addition to identifying your chosen programme by its name in the list, you also need to make sure that you select the correct start of study, as it is possible for a programme to be open for application for two different application periods at the same time.

Note that you can sort the list of available programmes alphabetically using the small arrows to the right in the column header, which appear when you hover your mouse over the relevant area as shown in the screen image above.

You can also search for any part of the programme name by typing it into the relevant text box before you click "Search". The fields marked as Start of study should not be used.

Nationality and permanent residence

The first screen after you proceed to create the application will display your registered nationality, or will ask you to select one if one has not been transferred with your login provider.

In addition, there is a tick box which you can use to indicate that you have permanent residence in Denmark. If you do, and you check this box, you will be asked to upload a copy of your permanent residence permit as part of the application.

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