Programme Structure

The study programme in Biochemistry requires you to choose between four specialisations, all of which have the similar programme structure: Molecular Cell Biology and Immunology, Protein Chemistry, Molecular Microbiology and Molecular Genetics.

Early in your studies, and before selecting a thesis topic, you are required to do a major subject project in which you gain experience in analysing, justifying and planning a large research project which typically could be your thesis project. During your studies, you will also choose a number of elective and restricted elective courses that are relevant to your specialisation.

Do a Project in Practice or Study Abroad

You can use some of your elective courses to do a Project in Practice in collaboration with a company or an organization. You can also choose to study abroad as part of your programme.

Master thesis

You start working part time on your master thesis during the first year and end with full time thesis work at the end of the programme. Typically, you work on an independent project represents a smaller portion of a large on-going research project. The master thesis corresponds to one year's work (60 ECTS credit points).

The objective of the thesis is to enable you to independently plan and carry out scientific experiments within your thesis topic and related areas. The thesis is carried out at one of the departments associated with the programme and you will be assigned a supervisor at that department. The thesis may also be carried out externally at another research institution, hospital or industrial laboratory.

Examples of thesis topics:

  • Enzymological characterisation and clarification of the 3-D structure of enzymes
  • Identification of metabolism routes in extreme thermophilic micro-organisms
  • Signal transduction routes in cancer cells
  • Biogenic amines formed by lactic acid bacteria in dairy products