Master of Science (MSc) in Biology-Biotechnology – University of Copenhagen

Master in Biology-Biotechnology at the University of Copenhagen

Master of Science (MSc) in Biology-Biotechnology

As an MSc student of Biology-Biotechnology, you will be working with biotechnological problems related to health and diseases in humans, animals and plants across traditional boundaries.

The programme is offered in English.

" In my opinion, you learn much more from learning by doing, including learning from your mistakes, than you do by only taking courses. It also prepares you for your future career

Jakub, MSc in Biology-Biotechnology

Where biology teaches us to understand nature, biotechnology gives us the chance to use it. You are, for example, able to innovatively use biology and biotechnology to develop commercial products such as drugs.

Or you can study how stem cells can be used to prevent diabetes, or how plants and microorganisms can be used to produce cancer drugs.

Throughout the programme there is a strong focus on innovation and collaboration with relevant índustries. The two-year programme consists of a wide selection of elective courses, which makes it possible for you to create a profile that matches your personal interests. 

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