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Profile and Career

In the Biology-Biotechnology MSc programme you will learn how to identify and solve problems in relation to biological production.

Competence description

With an MSc degree in Biology-Biotechnology, you will, among other things, be able to:

  • use living organisms such as plants and animals to produce non-allergenic foods or biomedicine as an alternative to chemically produced medicine.
  • make organisms more resistant to the future environment and climate.
  • switch on and off genes which increase the utilisation value of plants or animals for food, energy etc.
  • develop biomedicine, bioactive components and solutions which benefit health.
  • map biological processes in living cells through changing the organism’s genes.
  • discover and develop new enzymes for use in, for instance, the food industry.

Career opportunities

With an MSc degree in Biology-Biotechnology, your knowledge, communication skills and your experimental competences ensure that you have good career opportunities within many areas in Denmark as well as abroad:

  • You can work within research and development in public and private companies such as Novo Nordisk, Chr. Hansen and Novozymes.
  • You can work in companies producing foods, enzymes, drugs, textiles, new energy resources or environmentally beneficial processes.
  • You can also work with management, risk analysis, teaching and communication in either public or private companies.
  • Furthermore there are good opportunities for continuing your research at the University of Copenhagen as the biotechnological research is at a high, internationally recognised level, particularly in the molecular field involving foods, plants and animals.

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