Enjoyable and highly effective atmosphere

Irina Epstein, from Germany, studying biology

I came to Denmark as a master level student on a one year EU Erasmus scholarship and I'll be going back to Germany to finish my degree at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz.

Now that my fantastic stay in Copenhagen has almost come to an end, it makes me look back at the first days I spent in the Danish Capital. As a foreign student at the University of Copenhagen you are not thrown in at the deep end. People take care of you from the first day on. The University offers a voluntary mentor-programme. This means a Danish student can pick you up from the airport and introduce you to your subject and the city, which is going to be your new home. We were even invited to a reception at the Copenhagen Town Hall where we got to taste the city's celebrated pancakes and loads of other delicious things.

In regards to my courses, I am very well-satisfied. I experienced the style of working and the atmosphere in biology studies at the University of Copenhagen as very enjoyable and highly effective. Especially the block system, realised by the Science Faculty, allows you to focus on a few subjects at a time hence it's not like being examined on the whole syllabus at once.

You're on first-name terms with the teachers and the courses are very intense.
I spent most of my study time in the lab to improve my practical skills in genetics, neurobiology and zoology. With the working group we had common coffee breaks and Danish breakfast. The Danes like that and call it "hyggelig", being cozy.

Copenhagen as a city blew my miind. It seems like the Danish capital has been pieced together out of little villages. Every part of the city is unique, and you can easily cycle around the whole city.

The people may seem a bit withdrawn at first but they are very kind and friendly when you get to know them or just talk to them. And I was impressed with the English skills of all Danes. In Germany and other large countries like France, Spain and Italy they dub all the movies into their own language. They don't do it here in Denmark, and you can tell. I can highly recommend you to study in Copenhagen and experience this friendly environment, whatever subject you choose.