Please Note! Only available for applicants from Danish Universities/university colleges

If you do not have a Bachelor’s degree that qualifies you for direct admission to the Master’s programme, you can apply for an assessment of your educational background to see if it is similar to the requirements for admission to the Master’s programme.

As an applicant from a Danish university/university college, you are entitled to one pre-assessment for one study programme.

We will information you whether you meet the admission requirements, based on an assessment of the documentation you have submitted.  

This is a service offered by the Faculty of SCIENCE, but it is not mandatory for you to apply for admission.

Please note! The pre-assessment is not a promise of admission. This means that even if you are assessed as being qualified for admission, you are not guaranteed a place on the study programme. You must apply for admission and have your application assessed similar to all other applicants. Your chance of being offered admission will depend on the number of other qualified applicants in the same year.  

You cannot ask for a pre-assessment if your Bachelor’s degree qualifies you for direct admission to the Master’s programme to which you want to apply for admission.

You will be assessed on the basis of the contents of only one qualifying study programme, typically a Bachelor’s programme or a professional Bachelor’s degree programme when you apply for a place on a Master’s programme.

Please Note! We only provide pre-assessment for Bachelor Degrees from a Danish university/university college.

The deadlines for applications for pre-assessments are as follows:

Deadline                                                                              Reply no later than

Deadline 1 January

Reply no later than on 1 March

Deadline 1 April

Reply no later than on 1 June

Deadline 1 July

Reply no later than on 1 September

Deadline 1 October

Reply no later than on 1 December



Use the online form below:

Application for pre-assessment for a Master’s programme

The following appendices must be attached to the application form:

Transcripts of records from a relevant higher education programme at bachelor level. The transcripts must contain:

  • courses
  • grades
  • ECTS credits (alternatively credits, points, number of lessons etc.).

  • A self-assessment in which you write which of your courses you think meets the specific admission requirements for the Master’s programme you want to apply for. 
    • Remember to include both courses that you have already done and courses you are planning to do before the study start of the Master’s programme. Use this form (Excel sheet).

You are also encouraged to attach the following appendices to the application form:

  • Course descriptions for courses where the title does not clearly convey the course contents. If in doubt: attach the course description.
  • If relevant, a list of any courses that you are planning to take before starting the Master’s programme.



SCIENCE assesses your application with reference to the admission requirements in the current curriculum.

When SCIENCE makes a pre-assessment, we will assess whether you meet the admission requirements. If our assessment is that you do not meet the admission requirements, you will be informed about the subject areas in which you do not meet the admission requirements.