You can choose between the four specialisations listed below.

Organic synthesis

Sought after by the pharmaceutical industry.
New medicines, smart materials, better fuels, brighter pigments, perfumes and more. With a specialization in organic synthesis you will be trained to get creative in the laboratory and acquire skills that are sought after by the private sector. Not least the pharmaceutical industry.

Inorganic chemistry

In demand in the electronics, catalysis, agricultural, polymer and fuel industries.
Invent new functional materials, take the lead in research and development, develop your skills at planning and executing research programmes at large scale facilities.

Physical chemistry

Sought after by high tech industries, environmental agencies, private consultancies, the IT sector as well as finance and banking
Climate change? Solar energy storage? Fundamental forces in chemistry? Physical chemistry tangles with a number of the ultimate questions, and so can you. Your education will also provide insights into high level programming and data mining which is useful in any industry which relies on computing and modelling.

Analytical Chemistry

In demand at industrial production industries from energy over foods and pharmaceuticals to biotech and at environmental consultancies.
Pure products, safe food, clean environment. Analyze chemical composition of samples. Reveal how these were formed, and how to improve their production. Get experience in the lab and with high end scientific instruments. Learn to select, develop, validate and assess analytical methods.