The Faculty of Science has a very limited number of scholarships to award outstanding non-EU/EEA MSc applicants. The scholarships are allocated to students with excellent academic performance.

What does the Scholarship cover?

The scholarship is granted to cover:

  • tuition fees
  • living expenses (2021 level: DKK 9437 per month for 22 months).

Who are considered for a Scholarship?

All non-EU/EEA applicants with a grade point average above 85% of their bachelor’s degree will be considered for a scholarship. This means that you do not need to make a separate application for the scholarship.

If your grade point average is below 85% you will unfortunately not be considered for the scholarship.

Selection criteria for the scholarships

Apart from the GPA of applicants, the faculty will also consider the employability of the programme graduates as well as it will be ensured that the scholarships are allocated with a geographical diversification of the recipients.

In addition, the faculty may choose to allocate some scholarships to further collaboration with applicants from the faculty’s non-European strategic partners

2nd Year Scholarship

Each year The Faculty of Science examines the academic performance of fee-paying students who have completed the first year at the faculty.. The very best will be awarded a scholarship to cover both tuition fees and living expenses for the 2nd year of their programme.

In 2021 the fee-paying students who were awarded this scholarship had a GPA of 10 or higher on the Danish grading scale.