Application documents

Required documents for your application

The following documents are required for application to the master's degree programme.

Documents are uploaded electronically in the application portal.  








You are required to upload a copy of your official transcript of records and/or diploma supplement. The official transcript of records should include a comprehensive list of courses you have taken, the grades you have obtained, and the credits / course hours per course. 

You are not required to convert grades or credits to the Danish or European (ECTS) grading systems.

Only your bachelor’s degree will be assessed

Only bachelor-level courses from your completed bachelor’s degree (the bachelor’s degree must be completed prior to the start of the programme) are taken into consideration during the assessment of your academic qualifications. This means that no other courses than the courses included in your bachelor’s degree programme will be taken into consideration.

Translation of official transcripts

We accept original documents issued in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English or German. If your original documents are issued in another language, you are required to upload a certified translation to English, along with the copy of the original official document. 

If you have not yet graduated

If you have not graduated at the time of application, you are required to submit a list of all courses in progress.






























You are required to document your citizenship status by uploading a copy of your passport.

If you do not currently hold a passport, you can upload a copy of your national ID card for preliminary assessment.

If you have more than one citizenship

Should you have more than one citizenship, please upload the passport you will use to enter Denmark.

If you are a non-EU/EEA citizen currently residing in Denmark with a temporary or permanent residence permit, you are also required to upload a copy of a valid Danish residence permit card (front and back) and the letter accompanying the card in the online application portal.


As we receive applications from all over the world, we need to be able to compare many different grading systems.

Therefore we ask you to calculate your GPA into percentage. Use this calculator for your GPA (Excel-file)

Once you have calculated your GPA in percentage, please enter the number in your application and upload your calculation as a PDF.

Failure to calculate your GPA may result in a rejection of your application.

In the GPA calculator file, you will a guide to calculating your GPA.














Verification of degree certificates and other supporting documents

All admitted students are required to present original degree certificates for verification upon arrival at the Faculty of Humanities.

The University of Copenhagen reserves the right to verify all information that you have provided in your application. All forgery will be reported to relevant authorities, and admission or enrollment will be immediately revoked.