Profile and Career

A degree in Computer Science opens the door for a tremendous range of career and employment possibilities. Whether you dream of a career as a programmer or software designer, you will work with many creative applications of IT. Or, perhaps your ambitions reside more within a research oriented career, within fields such as logistics, medical diagnostics or robotics.

The MSc programme in Computer Science offers a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical computer science, offering you the chance to explore the academic and commercial perspectives of the field at the very highest level.

Computer science is for those of you who are creative, can think logically, work in a structured manner and have a desire to immerse yourself in the theoretical or practical aspects of IT.

Competence Description

As a graduate in Computer Science

  • You will be equipped with a strong foundation in computer science
  • You will have experience with solving practical problems in computer science
  • You will be able to develop advanced software. This includes all aspects of the process, from concept and requirements analysis to design, implementation and testing. This applies to all fields of application, from robotics and gaming to the development of new programming languages or methods of program development.

Career Opportunities

An enormous demand for computer scientists exists throughout the private sector. You will also find numerous opportunities for employment in public institutions, as a university researcher or within other educational establishments. Your work might consist of the design and development of new systems and new software or the maintenance and expansion of existing systems including advice and consultancy.

IT security is one particular area of growth in which the security of web and IT systems is tested. Among the many other possibilities, numerous computer scientists engage in entrepreneurship and establish companies of their own.