Study track: Digital Interactive Entertainment (DADIU)


This study track offers a unique combination of classic computer science and game development.

In the first semester of the the elective part of the programme, you follow courses from the other tracks based on your particular interests, e.g., algorithmics for game AI, simulation for game physics, languages for game scripting, or mobile-interface technology; while in the second, you participate in a large, cross-institutional development project at DADIU (the Danish National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment), in which you collaborate with animators, sound designers, game directors, and other technical-artistic competences to create a substantial computer game.

This track may be relevant for you not only if you are specifically interested in game programming, but also in related areas such as gamification for health or learning, or simply if you want practical experience working in a large, multidisciplinary development team. Read more about the DADIU Academy.


The recommended courses in the DADIU study track are shown below. Keep in mind that, like for all the study tracks, none of these are actually mandatory, and you may replace them with relevant courses from other tracks, as you see fit. Also, please note that this table represents the academic year 2017/18.