Study Abroad

Study abroad. London School of EconomicsIt is possible to study abroad as part of your MSc in Economics. You may choose to study abroad for one or two semesters or for a shorter period of time; e.g. by attending a summer school.

Studying abroad has many benefits both professionally and personally: You broaden your intercultural understanding, you are introduced to different study methods, and you obtain new knowledge and new insights.

As an international full-degree student you have the opportunity to study abroad using the various exchange agreements at the University of Copenhagen. You are allowed to study a maximum of 60 ECTS points abroad as part of your MSc degree in Economics.

Why Study Abroad?

A main objective of studying abroad is to further widen your academic knowledge and network. It is a good idea to seek advice from lecturers and student councillors in the Department of Computer Science when planning your studies abroad to find out where to go and how to structure your academic programme. Your lecturers may have academic inputs, international contacts and may be able to provide you with references which can prove useful. If you have a successful study abroad experience academically, you are also more likely to benefit socially and culturally.

Exchange Agreements

The University of Copenhagen has an extensive number of exchange agreements with universities world wide. Further information about the exchange programmes and partner universities is available through the International Office.

The University of Copenhagen also cooperates with other Danish and Swedish universities in the Oeresund region, giving you the opportunity to take individual courses at these partner institutions.