A very equal and democratic environment

Photo af Egle Zukauskaite Egle Zukauskaite comes from Lithuania. After studying economics for four years at the Vilnius University, she decided to go abroad to study for her master’s degree. “I found it a very liberal environment here, very equal and democratic,” says Egle. She chose University of Copenhagen, partly because the education is for free, partly because studying Environmental and Natural Resource Economics fits very well with her aims: To work with entrepreneurship and innovation in the fields of energy and waste management.

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From South Korea to Copenhagen

Photo of Haein Lee Haein Lee took a chance when she pulled up her stakes and moved to Copenhagen to study Environmental and Natural Resource Economics. In Denmark, she has found the perfect combination of happiness, ambition, high academic standards and job-related courses which all bring her closer to her dream career: Working with environmental politics at the Danish government.

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