Bachelor’s degree from Denmark

As a citizen from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland you can apply for admission, if you hold a relevant bachelor’s degree or another relevant degree at the same educational level.

Read about the admission and language requirements

When to apply

  • The Application Portal opens: 15 November
  • Application deadline: 15 January

We do not accept applications after the application deadline.

Get an overview of all the important deadlines from application to study start in the timeline.

Apply for a vacancy in the post-application period

If your BSc degree is from University of Copenhagen and you automatically fulfill the academic requirements, you can apply for vacancies in the post-application period.

  • The Application Portal opens: 1 May
  • Application deadline: 15 May

How to apply

When you apply for admission, you need to create an application at the Application Portal and upload the relevant documentation. This is the only way you can apply for admission.


Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland with a Danish Bachelor’s degree or a Danish Professional Bachelor’s degree are not required to pay an application fee.

Citizens from a country outside the EU, EEA or Switzerland must pay tuition fees.

The Faculty of Science has a very limited number of scholarships to award outstanding non-EU/EEA MSc students. You do not need to apply for this scholarship separately as all non-EU applicants will be considered for a scholarship.



Apply here - entry in September

You can submit 3 applications for UCPH

Please note that you may submit a maximum of 3 applications to UCPH study programs with the same study start.

Any extra applications will be annulled by the Admissions office.

Follow your application

Once you have applied for admission, you will find application updates and received messages from the University in the application portal. When you receive a message in the application portal, a notification will be sent to the email account you have registered in your application.

Please note: We recommend that you use your personal email when you create your application as some universities close student accounts once a student has completed their degree.

Tips and tricks for the application portal

  • Use Firefox or Goggle Chrome as your browser when creating and submitting you application.
  • Check the user guide for the application portal when you fill out your application.
  • Read the FAQ where you can find answers to the most common questions concerning the application portal.
  • Contact SCIENCE Student Services if you cannot find the answers, you are looking for in the FAQ.
  • Contact Service desk if you have technical problems.


If you fulfill the admission requirements and there are places available in the MSc programme, we will offer you admission through the application portal. You will receive only one offer of admission which will be for highest of your priorities where we are able to offer you admission.

If you do not fulfill the admission requirements , we will also let you know through the application portal.

We will be offering admission from March and until 10 June so it is important that you check the application portal regularly during this period.

Accept your offer of conditional admission

If you have received an offer of conditional admission, you need to actively accept the offer within 5 days of receiving the offer of admission. If you do not accept the offer before the deadline, you will lose your place in the MSc programme. Therefore, it is important to check the status of your application regularly on the application portal.

Your admission offer is conditional and will include a list of conditions you must meet prior to full admission, e.g. certified documentation for completed Bachelor’s degree. We will inform you of the deadlines and how to meet the conditions.

Check your email regularly

When you receive a message at the application portal, a notification will be sent to the email account you have registered in your application. Please note that emails from the application portal may end up in your spam filter.


To get your final admission to your MSc programme you need to pay the first part of your tuition fees. When you accept the offer of admission, we will send you an e-mail with a link to our payment portal and instructions on how to make the tuition fee payment.

Deadline for paying the first tuition fees: 15 April

If you fail to pay your tuition fee before the deadline, we will have to cancel your admission.


We look forward to meeting you and to welcoming you to the MSc programme.

Use the timeline to see the important deadlines before your studies begin.

Welcome days

The welcome programme at your MSc programme will take place 28 August - 1 September.

Look out for messages in your email

We will send you all information concerning your first days at UCPH to the email that you have  registered in the application portal. 

Upload documentation

There might be documentation you need to upload before your study start. Check your offer of conditional admission in the application portal to see what you still need to document and what your deadline is.

Get help with course registration and tips for housing

SCIENCE Student Services is ready to help you with your course registration – for example at our online Q&A's about course registration and housing.


Collect documentation for your application

As part of your application, you must submit different documentation. See which documents we require for your application:

Get your documentation via data exchange

  • If you are a student at a Danish university (UCPH, AU, AAU, SDU, RUC, ITU, DTU or CBS), we recommend that you authorize data exchange. By authorizing the data exchange, you will not have to provide us with a transcript/diploma.

You must upload an official transcript of grades for the qualifying degree you have completed or are currently enrolled in. The transcript must include:

  • an official stamp
  • a signature from your university
  • Or we must be able to verify the transcript online

If you have authorized data exchange

If you have authorized  data exchange, we will collect  your official  transcript automatically.

If you have not  authorized data exchange

If you have not authorized data exchange, you must upload your official transcript of grades. The transcript must include:

  • an official stamp
  • a signature from your university

The documentation must be in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English.

Deadline to upload your transcript of grades: 15 January


You must make a self-assessment, if your Bachelor’s degree does not automatically fulfill the academic requirements.

What is a self-assessment?

The self-assessment is an overview of the courses from your Bachelor’s degree, which cover the specific admission requirements of the MSc programme at UCPH.

You must include both completed courses and courses you will complete as part of your Bachelor’s degree, before study start in September.

How you fill out the self-assessment

You must use this form and then follow these 3 steps when completing your self-assessment:

  1. Fill in those of your courses that cover the specific requirements of the programme
  2. Save the file as a PDF and name it: [Your name]_Self-assessment
  3. Upload the PDF to your application.

The name of your courses in the self-assessment must correspond to courses in your official transcript.

If you have multiple courses that cover the same admission requirement, you must include all in the self-assessment.

Please note that 1 course can only be used to cover 1 admission requirement unless you use the course to cover general admission requirements such as e.g., 30 ECTS of lab exercises or 60 ECTS within the field of natural sciences.

If you have a course that covers two specific requirements, e.g.  the course Mathematics and Statistics of 15 ECTS, you are allowed to split the credits in 7.5 Mathematics and 7.5. Statistics if it is very clear in the course description that both subjects have been covered equally in the course.

Why you need to fill out and upload the self-assessment

The admission committee will use your self-assessment to assess if you are qualified for admission. If you do not upload the required self-assessment, the admission committee cannot assess your qualifications and your application may be rejected.

If you need help to fill out the self-assessment

There is a guide in the self-assessment form on the right side of the document. This guide helps you decide which courses to include and answers the most frequently asked questions.

If you do not upload the required self-assessment, your application may be rejected.

Deadline to upload your self-assessment: 15 January


Your GPA

We use your GPA to determine if you may be considered for one of the faculty’s few governmental scholarships. Additionally, some programmes use GPA as a selection criterion.

If you have an Indian transcript: Please upload your transcript instead of using the GPA calculator.

All other applicants: You must calculate your GPA in percentage, so we are able to compare GPAs from different grading systems.

How to calculate your GPA in percentage

Once you have calculated your GPA in percentage, you must enter the number in your application and upload your GPA calculation document as a PDF.

Deadline to upload your GPA calculation: 15 January.



If you have a pre-assessment from the Faculty of SCIENCE you must upload it to your application.

The pre-assessment is optional and only available for students at a Danish university/university college.

Deadline to upload your pre-assessment: 15 January



You must upload documentation if you have completed courses or exams from a previous unfinished MSc programme, . We use the documentation to assess whether you are eligible for a mandatory credit transfer.

The documentation can be:

  • A copy or a scan of an official transcript, or
  • Diploma for all completed courses/exams at your former MSc Programme

You are also obligated to inform us whether you have completed an MSc Programme. Read more about the master’s degree admission rule.

If you have authorized data exchange

If you have authorized data exchange, we will collect  the information automatically.

If you have not authorized data exchange

If you have not authorized data exchange, you must upload documentation, which can be either:

  • A copy/scan of official transcript or
  • Diploma which includes all completed courses/exams at your former MSc Programme

Both types of documentation must include:

  • an official stamp
  • a signature from your university

The documentation must be in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish or English.

Deadline to upload your documentation: 15 January


You must document that you fulfill the requirement of English proficiency. Please find information about the language requirement here.

Deadline to upload documentation for English proficiency: 15 January

The deadline will not be extended. Please be aware that if you do not upload this documentation, your application will be rejected.


If you are offered admission, you must document that you have completed your Bachelor's degree no later than 20 September.

If you have authorized data exchange

If you have authorized data exchange, we will collect your official diploma before the deadline.

If you have not authorized data exchange

If you have not authorized data exchange, we require certified documentation for your completed Bachelor’s degree.

We can receive your diploma in the following ways:

  1. Send us a copy of your bachelor’s diploma by email

Send the copy to It is important that you send the email from the email address that you have registered in the application portal.

The copy can be either a PDF or a scanned photo of your official diploma (stamped and signed)

2. Get your former university to send us an e-mail

The e-mail must be sent from an official university administration e-mail account.

We must be able to verify/find the e-mail account on the university’s website.

The e-mail must be sent directly to:

The e-mail must either include your official diploma OR state that you have completed your bachelor’s degree at their institution which must include:

  • Your full name
  • Date of birth
  • Title of your degree
  • Date of completion of your degree
  • A link to the sender’s contact information on the university’s website

If the diploma is in a language other than English or a Scandinavian language (Danish, Swedish or Norwegian)

You must include an official English translation. If your educational institution cannot provide you with an official translation, an authorized translator, who stamps and signs the document, must carry out the translation.

Deadline:20 September



Non-required documentation

  • We do not evaluate non-required documentation when assessing your application.

    Examples of non-required documentation:
    • Letter of motivation or personal statement
    • Statements or evaluations from lecturers, professors, employers, etc.
    • Documentation of pre-university activities (for example high school education/upper secondary school), unless you upload it as documentation for English proficiency

Anything missing?

We require that you submit all required documentation when submitting your application. We then assess whether your application is complete by looking through the required documentation. If anything is missing, we will send you a message in the application portal.

Deadline for uploading any missing documents will be 1 week from the time we contact you. Make sure you check your e-mail regularly. Remember to check your spam filter too.

Visa process 

We will not initiate your online visa application until you have met all conditions of your conditional admission.

Verification of information

If we determine that you have used falsified or misleading documentation in your application, we are obliged to report it to the police, to reject your application and cancel your admission.

Get help with your application

SCIENCE Student Services is ready to help you with your application. You can for example join our online Q&A's about admission and application process, call us or send us an email.