I Want to Experience a New Culture and a New City

RoisinJane Godkin from Ireland studies Food Science and Technology at the Faculty of Science where she has chosen the Dairy Specialisation.

RoisinJane Godkin, MSc student at Food Science and Technology

RoisinJane has come to the Faculty of Science from Dublin Institute of Technology, where she has finished her bachelor in Nutraceuticals, which is a study combining nutrition studies with pharmacy:

“I wanted to experience a new culture and a new city, so I went online and found the Master of Science programme Food Science and Technology at the University of Copenhagen. I really liked the course description and the fact that I could specialize in dairy. Ireland has always been known for its good milk, cheese and grass-fed cows, so I would like to get a good job in Ireland as a specialist in this field one day.

Easy to get help from lecturers and students

As an international student, I find the lecturers are very helpful. I get a lot of one-on-one time with them and you can have your say. And I often engage in debates with the lecturers and fellow students in an open and comfortable environment.

Also, there is always somebody who can help you with all the practical questions you have when you move to a new place. But of course, it is also important to get out of your comfort zone as an international student and not be afraid to approach people.


In the beginning, there can be some challenges though. For example, when I started on the programme I got a course that was taught 100% online. I had never done that before. 

There was also a change of exam style: In Ireland I had only had written exams. Here, there are many oral exams where the teachers are so lovely but it is something entirely different. There is also a lot more group work. In Ireland you work alone and it’s a bit more competitive. 

Close contact with industry, excursions and access to a diary pilot plant

The course with the dairy specialization is very unique. You get the option of doing a paid internship and there is a dairy pilot plant on campus. Here students get a chance to use the equipment and have practical exercises on a weekly basis.

And the courses are really good, the lectures keep it relevant by bringing in the newest research, explaining to you why you are learning what you are learning and how you can use it in the real world. 

As a student, you also have close contact with the industry. Industry professionals are brought in as guest lectures, there are many networking-events where you can meet potential future employers and there are spot-events for students where you get help to find different job options in your field, make a good resume and so on.

We also go on a lot of excursions to different production sites and see the supply chain from first hand. You get familiar with the whole chain: from the cow being milked to the actual production.

Job opportunities

I want to join a Graduate programme if possible. There are some options out there. It will give me work experience in all aspects of the field so I will get to see what my strongest points are. I am particularly interested in the production side of things and manufacturing of dairy products, so I hope to work my way to consulting to the food industry.