There are two specialisations at the MSc Programme in Food Science and Technology. In addition, you also have the possibility of an individual specialisation, where you can focus on the subjects that have a particular interest to you.

Dairy Technology (dairy engineer)

Milk is an important raw material in Denmark – and the rest of the world. It can be processed into countless products, from consumer milk to special cheeses, and you can divide the milk into a large number of pure compounds, which can be combined with other foods. This is what you will be working with if you choose the specialisation in Dairy Technology.  The programme works closely with the industry and the real-life challenges. Har slettet noget her – som ikke blev track and traced.

Brewing Science and Technology

Beer brewing has a proud tradition in Denmark. For many years we have exported our unique know-how of this product to the rest of the world, and Danish master brewers have built a large number of breweries abroad.

Individual specialisation (General Profile) in Food Science and Technology

In the general profile/individual specialisation, you can focus on, for example, plant-based food, food safety, process analytical technologies or food ingredients. Or you can create  your own unique profile by choosing your own courses and competencies.