Brewing Science and Technology

Denmark has proud traditions in the field of beer production. For many years, we have exported our expert knowledge of this product to the rest of the world, and Danish master brewers have built a large number of breweries abroad.

Basically, beer consists of relatively few raw materials and process steps. Still, we are nevertheless able to brew highly different types of beer, both in terms of alcohol content, colour, bitterness and taste.

Graduates from the MSc programme with a specialisation in Brewing Science and Technology obtain the title MSc in Food Science & Technology. After graduation from the University of Copenhagen,  you have the possibility of an additional internship of at least 6 months, coordinated by SSB. Having completed the internship you will obtain the additional title of Diploma Master Brewer (in Danish: Brygmester) from SSB.

Academic focus

During the specialisation in Brewing Science and Technology: You will learn about the raw materials used in beer production, and gain an insight into the factors which affect the quality of the raw materials.You will come to understand the technology behind the brewing process, from malthouse, brewhouse, fermenting, filtering, packaging and on to energy supply, environmental conditions and brewery project planning. Yyou will, gain an in-depth insight into how the single process affects the product and the product quality.

Globally there is an increasing focus on the production of sustainable foods, and one of the most effective ways to obtain this is by reducing the use of resources, and minimise raw material waste. Through excursions, visits and lectures by people working in the industry, you will get contacts and commercial insight as well as cutting-edge knowledge in the field. Biotechnology is another important area within brewing technology, concerning the use of starter cultures and enzymes to create the desired products with a minimal use of resources. You will also gain insight into the underlying chemistry and a deeper understanding of the fermentation of foods.

Study programme

As a student, you will be taught by leading researcher from the University of Copenhagen and from industry. Lectures and laboratory work is supplemented by practical exercised in our own pilot brewery.

Most of the courses are compulsory, but you also have elective courses. As you can choose elective courses for 15 ECTS, you have the possibility of giving your education a personal touch by selecting courses in gastronomy, advanced spectroscopy or physical/chemical changes during storage.

Your thesis will address relevant subjects and may be in close collaboration with a company. In addition, the close cooperation with industry through teaching, excursions and company visits will provide you with commercial insights and good opportunities for establishing a strong network.

After graduation, you have the possibility of an internship at a brewery for at least 6 months. Having completed the internship, you will obtain the additional title of Diploma Master Brewer (in Danish: Brygmester) from SSB.

Programme structure

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year one Brewing Project in Practice Brewing and Raw Materials Food Processing Beer Packaging Technology
Yeast Physiology and applications Brewing Process and Technology Sustainable Innovation in Food Science
Year two Fundamentals of Beer Brewing and Wine Making – Biochemistry, Organisms and Omics Techniques Elective Thesis
Food Quality Management and Control Elective

Industry collaboration

The brewery trade in all the Nordic countries is directly involved in the programme, and you will get to meet many lecturers from the industry in the course of your studies. It will be possible to go on excursions, solve on-the-job training tasks and make company visits.

Moreover, the thesis can always be prepared in close collaboration with a company. This ensures that the issues you are working on as a student are also extremely relevant to the brewing industry.