Master of Science (MSc) in Food Innovation and Health

Do you love to experiment with new foods? Do you want to understand the interaction between the human and food or do you simply want to contribute to a more sustainable future, then the MSc programme in Food  Innovation and Health could be the programme for you. You will be working with the development of healthy, sustainable, and tasty products. 

The programme is offered in English.

You will be working with food science, food innovation and product development within disciplines such as nutrition, Food Design Thinking, consumer science, food chemistry, gastronomy, food sociology and sensory science.

You will acquire competencies within food science, innovative processes, product development, and you will gain a sociological insight into food, and eating behaviour, and become a connecting link between the consumers and the food industry.

You will be examining and optimizing food (incl. new raw materials and underexploited biological resources) with tastiness, healthiness and sustainability as the tools to ensure dissemination for the benefit of as many as possible. 

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