Testimonials from students

"We learn to collaborate with many different players in the food industry"

Having the opportunity to develop healthy food in her future career is the reason why Signe Randbøll-Jensen, Denmark, has chosen to study Food Innovation and Health.

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Taste, flavor, looks, texture … and how to achieve it

"I really like food and cooking, but I don’t want to work as a chef," says Julius Schneider, 29, from Cologne, Germany, when he explains why he has chosen the MSc programme in Food Innovation and Health. "What I want to do is to develop food. And this programme was kind of a mix of nutritional science and practical work in the gastrolab," he says. The programme has also served as a platform for his launch of a food company, Coquo, which is already operating. When we meet Julius, the Cuquo shop has been up and running for a month.

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