Profile and Career

Our consumption of food has changed. Today, more and more of our meals are already partially or fully prepared before we enter the kitchen. At the same time, obesity and malnourishment are growing problems in society. This leads to increased requirements on the products, which are developed.

The education in food innovation and health is a scientific and application-oriented programme that challenges traditional concepts of gastronomy.

The programme combines knowledge about nutrition, innovation and entrepreneurship with food chemistry, culinary techniques, product development and consumer experience.  In this way graduates are enabled to navigate in the cross-field between palatability and health – and to develop new products.

Competence Description

The unique combination of knowledge, methodologies, techniques, and competences means that as an MSc in Food Innovation and Health you will be an expert in, among other things:

  • Use different approaches to foster innovation and creativity when developing tasty and nutritionally sound foods
  • Handling consumers’ demands in connection with food and eating
  • Performing advisory and managerial tasks in relation to food and health for private companies and public institutions
  • Teaching and conducting research within food and health

Career Opportunities

With a degree in Food Innovation and Health you will be able to work in the food industry or within the public food area, for instance as a product developer or adviser. You can also work with communication, health promotion, management, or research within the food and health sector, teach, or serve as a consultant.