Profile and Career

As a graduate from the MSc programme in Forest and Nature Management you are sought-after. The programme offers you plenty of opportunities for making a career in Denmark or internationally.

Among other things, you will get a thorough understanding of:

  • forest biology, soil and ecological cycles
  • economy, management and the rules and legislation which govern our use of forests and nature
  • strategic and holistic management, planning and administration
  • taking responsibility and turning ideas and visions into action
  • collaboration and conflict resolution.

Competence Description

The programme gives you competences within areas and issues such as for example:

  • managing forest and natural areas in a way which does not impact the environment and the climate
  • advising and managing companies engaging in production based on natural resources in a way which offers a financial profit as well as takes the environment into account
  • contributing, by means of legislation, to finding a sustainable balance between ecology, economy and the global community’s need and requirement for forest and natural areas

See the full description of the knowledge, competencies and skills you obtain in the curriculum for Forest and Nature Management.

Career Opportunities

After graduation, you can find employment in both the public and private sectors and work with forestry, nature and the environment worldwide, for instance:

  • as a head of section or head of division in a ministry e.g., the Danish Ministry of Environment
  • as a nature and environmental manager in the municipalities
  • as a manager of nature restoration projects
  • with sustainable management and project management in private companies e.g., within corporate social responsibility (CSR)
  • as a project manager in consultancy firms
  • as a forest supervisor or master of forestry in a private forest or state forest district
  • as a forestry consultant on private forest properties in Denmark and abroad
  • within research and education at universities and other institutions of higher education.