Programme Structure

One block is nine weeks and counts as 15 ECTS credit points. Most of the courses equal 7.5 ECTS credit points, so you must follow two courses in each block.

During the programme you can do a Project in Practice in collaboration with a company or an organization. You can also study abroad.

Master's thesis project

You finish your programme with a Master’s thesis. Examples of topics for recent MSc theses are:

  • Vulcanological and geochemical survey of Boa Vista, Cape Verde Islands
  • Geochemical study of Storø gold mineralisation, West Greenland
  • Study of ground-water exchange to and from lakes using tracer tests
  • Evolution of the birds after the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary
  • Sedimentological analysis of the Balka sandstone on Bornholm
  • Geological evolution and hydrocarbon potential in the Danish part of the south-western Baltic Sea

Programme structure:

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year one Integrating fundamental concepts in geosciences Restricted elective Restricted elective Restricted elective
Restricted elective Elective Elective
Year two Thesis

Restricted elective courses

Choose your restricted elective courses from the list below. Click on each course for a detailed description.