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Solid Earth Geochemistry and Petrology

Solid Earth Geochemistry and Petrology is a specialisation in the MSc programme in Geology-Geoscience. Below, you can read the part of the curriculum that describes the specialisation and see an illustration of which course of study the specialisation offers.

The specialisation provides specific competences, skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Knowledge about:

  • Integration of field-based data with relevant analysis methods to solve complex geological problems at a high academic level.
  • Petrologic high-temperature processes and up-to-date models for the formation of metamorphic and magmatic rock complexes and ore deposits.
  • The Earth's interior and volcanological processes as integrated parts of the planet's evolution.
  • The relationship between the structure of materials, the conditions for their creation and the physical and chemical environments in which they are formed.

Skills to:

  • Participate in and undertake the planning of a geological study.
  • Analyse a geological problem, devise a working model, collect and analyse geological data and prepare an academically sound and detailed scientific report.
  • Combine geological field and laboratory-based experience within the specified area of geology-geoscience.
  • Quantitative modelling of selected geochemical and physical processes in petrology and processing of geochemical data.
  • Crystallographic tools for describing the structure of solid materials, as well as the influence of chemical bonding and thermo-dynamic characteristics on crystal structures.

Competencies to:

  • Interpretation of petrological processes using a combination of field observations and petrographic and geochemical data sets.
  • Interpretation of data sets using solid-phase analysis such as XRD, XRF, microprobe analysis, electron microscopy, and selected spectroscopic methods.

Programme structure:

Compulsory courses: 22,5 ECTS
Restricted elective courses: 22,5 ECTS – see list of courses at the bottom of this page
Elective courses: 15 ECTS
Thesis: 60 ECTS

Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4
Year 1 Core to Crust: Earth's Evolution and Processes (part 1) Core to Crust: Earth's Evolution and Processes (part 2)
Current Advances in Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry
Year 2 Thesis

     Compulsory course
     Restricted elective course
     Elective course

Restricted elective courses

Choose your restricted elective courses from the lists below. Click on each course for a detailed description.

You are obliged to choose at least one of the courses from this list:

In addition, you must choose two courses from the list below. Please note that "Field and Methods Course in Geology-Geoscience" and "Project in Practice" count as two courses each: